50 gr. Smoked salmon served on toast with caviar ond sour cream 160,- CZK
 80 gr. Prawn cocktail, toast 160,- CZK
110 gr. Salmon caviar, toast 590,- CZK
100 gr. Dried ham with honey melon 130,- CZK
100 gr. Mozzarella with tomatoes 130,- CZK
100 gr. Mushrooms au gratin  80,- CZK
100 gr. Prague ham, creamy horseradish 110,- CZK
6 pieces Snails with herb butter 180,- CZK
100 gr. Onion rings  80,- CZK
120 gr. Fried crab claws 110,- CZK


Chicken broth with noodles and meat 75,- CZK
Imperial Russian borsht with sour cream 75,- CZK
Homemade goulash soup 75,- CZK


100 gr. Gratiné mushrooms 80,- CZK
100 gr. Green asparagus with cheese sauce 80,- CZK
150 gr. Prague ham with apple horse radish 110,- CZK
120 gr. Deep fried crab legs 110,- CZK
6 ks Snails with herb butter 180,- CZK
100 gr. Toast with blue cheese, garlic, and sun-dried tomatoes 80,- CZK
100 gr. Fried calamary with dressing 110,- CZK
100 gr. Onion rings 80,- CZK

Egg dishes

Mushroom omelet with cheese 150,- CZK
Ham omelet 150,- CZK


200 gr. Filet of trout with fried wild mushrooms 250,- CZK
200 gr. Trout filled with herbs 220,- CZK
200 gr. Pikeperch in a sesame seed crust 270,- CZK
200 gr. Grilled salmon with lemon pepper 270,- CZK


200 gr. Sauté chicken curry
(chicken, cury, mushrooms,onions)
220,- CZK
200 gr. Chicken steak with cheese sauce 220,- CZK
200 gr. Chicken cheese skewer with sweet chilli sauce 250,- CZK
200 gr. Chicken breast stuffed with spinach and Parma ham 220,- CZK

Old bohemian cuisine

1/4 Roasted duck, bread dumplings, stewed cabbage 270,- CZK
300 gr. Bohemian plate
(150gr.roast duck, 100gr.roast pork, 100gr.smoked ham, 1 potatoe pancake, 2 bread dumplings, potatoes and cabbage)
305,- CZK
150 gr. Roasted pork, stewed cabbage, bread dumplings
(in traditional Bohemian cuisine)
240,- CZK
150 gr. Bohemian gulash, bread dumplings 240,- CZK
1 pcs Roasted knuckle of pork, horseradish, mustard 280,- CZK
600 gr. Farmer´s ribs baked in  honey 270,- CZK
200 gr. Leg of rabit with bacon roasted in garlic and served with leaf spinach 260,- CZK
200 gr. Leg of boar in wine served with cranberries 290,- CZK


200 gr. Pork cut with mushrooms 220,- CZK
200 gr. Pork fried chop 220,- CZK
200 gr. Devil´s medallions from pork tenderloin (peperoncini,ketchup,olives,pepper) 280,- CZK
200 gr. Pork tenderloin stuffed with plums marinated in slivovitz 280,- CZK
200 gr. Grilled pork neck served on a board with a selection of sauces 250,- CZK
200 gr. Pork strips with vegetables and mushrooms served on a bed of rice 280,- CZK

Steak sauce

Tatar (mayonnaise) 20,- CZK
Garlic (mayonnaise) 20,- CZK
Peppersauce 20,- CZK
Mexicansauce 20,- CZK


300 gr. Rump steak with grilled corn served on a board 280,- CZK
200 gr. Bohemian roastbeef (beef,oregano,garlic,sausage,bacon) 220,- CZK
200 gr. Mexican nachos (beef sirloin, kidney beans, tomato sauce, chilli peppers, onion) 280,- CZK
200 gr. Grilled mix
(choice of grilled pork, beef, or chicken; pork ribs served with grilled corn, tomatoes, peppers, and chips)
305,- CZK
200 gr. Bohemian beef with cranberry garnish (strips from beef in creamy sauce) 250,- CZK
200 gr. Beef ,,Stroganov“ (strips from beef, cucumbers, onion, ketchup ,cream) 250,- CZK
200 gr. Beef sirloin, onion, bacon, and chilli kabob 280,- CZK


350 gr. Chateaubriand 550,- CZK
200 gr. Beefsteak “Cibulář”
(beefsteak, salt, pepper, mushrooms, onion, cream)
305,- CZK
200 gr. Pepper steak
(filet mignon,veggies, green pepper, olives, mushrooms, cream,tomato sauce)
305,- CZK
200 gr. Grilled beefsteak 290,- CZK
200 gr. Sliced sirloin with Parma ham and green olives 305,- CZK
200 gr. Sliced sirloin with broccoli and blue cheese 305,- CZK


300 gr. Spaghetti Carbonara (bacon, Parma ham, egg, cream, Parmesan) 230,- CZK
300 gr. Spaghetti Bolognese 230,- CZK
300 gr. Fettuccini with chicken, leaf spinach, garlic, and cream 230,- CZK
300 gr. Fettuccini with basil pesto and grilled pork tenderloin 230,- CZK

Vegetarian dishes

300 gr. Veggie meal
(mixed vegetables, mushrooms, rice, potatoes topped with butter)
220,- CZK
200 gr. Breaded deep fried cheese and tartar sauce 190,- CZK
300 gr. Mushroom risotto with vegetable and cheese 220,- CZK
200 gr. Omelette with mushrooms and cheese 180,- CZK

Side orders

150 gr. Boiled potatoes 40,- CZK
150 gr. American potatoes 40,- CZK
150 gr. Potatoe pancakes 40,- CZK
150 gr. French fries 40,- CZK
150 gr. Potatoe croquettes 40,- CZK
160 gr. Potatoe dumplings 40,- CZK
160 gr. Dumplings 40,- CZK
150 gr. Stewed rice 40,- CZK
150 gr. Mashed potatoes with bacon and onions 40,- CZK
150 gr. Mixed vegetables 40,- CZK
100 gr. Sautéd cabbage 40,- CZK
1 Pcs Corn 40,- CZK


200 gr. Garden salad
( cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, lettuce)
70,- CZK
150 gr. Balkan salad
(tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, Balkan cheese)
70,- CZK
150 gr. Mixed salad
(tomatoes, peppers, cucumber)
70,- CZK
300 gr. Green salad with smoked salmon
(lettuce salad,smoked salmon,orange)
170,- CZK
300 gr. Vegetables salad with tuna, egg and garlic dressing (tomato, cucumbers,pepper,onion) 170,- CZK
300 gr. Italian salad with olives, mozzarella, and Parma ham 170,- CZK
300 gr. Caesar salad with chicken and Parmesan 170,- CZK
200 gr. Meat Filet of rump steak served on a bed of mixed salad greens with pepper sauce 250,- CZK
200 gr. Meat Chicken steak served on a bed of mixed salad greens with yogurt dressing 250 CZK


Ice cream sundae with fresh fruit and whipped cream 70,- CZK
Pushkin pear (ice cream, pear,whipped cream,vanilla sauce) 70,- CZK
Crepes with plum jam, and sour cream 70,- CZK
Homemade apple strudel with whipped cream, ice cream, and vanilla sauce 70,- CZK
Sachr torte with whipped cream 70,- CZK
Honey cake – Marlenka 70,- CZK
Fruit plate (seasonal availability) 80,- CZK


150 gr. Small cheese plate
( Eidam, blue cheese, Camembert-style cheese)
110,- CZK
300 gr. Large cheese plate
( Eidam, blue cheese, Camembert-style cheese, smoked cheese, mozzarella)
190,- CZK